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Nate and Cameron Love to Skate

Check out our moves in our first skateboard video. Nate and Cameron’s first skate video

The Nate Show – Episode 2

The Nate Show – Episode 2 Featuring Club Penguin, Visitor of the Month, and Club Penguin news. Listen below.

Star Wars with Friends

Nate is in a movie If you want to do something like this, go to

Christmas 2009

Christmas 2009

Nate and Cale Prepare for a Nerf Battle

Nate and his cousin prepared for a basement Nerf battle with Dad and Uncle Rick.

Halloween at School

Nate and Cameron in their Halloween costumes at school.

Nate during the Civil War

Nate had a blast dressing up a Civil War soldier at the Erie County Fair.

Nate and Cameron

The water got up pretty high in the back yard today.  This gave Nate and Cameron some bad ideas.  The boots were filled with water within minutes.

Nate’s Playhouse

Nate and his Dad work on projects together (like this site).  We started with the sand box in the back yard, moved on to the bus and then converted parts of that into the playhouse (still standing). The playhouse was a project that we started in the garage during rainy days and moved outside with […]

Hello From Nate

Welcome to  We finally decided to make some changes to the site.  We are now using WordPress and hope to have Nate updating soon.  As you can see, some of the functions are a work in progress. Feel free to post your comments.

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