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Affordable Streetwear Essentials

I have been wanting to make this for a a longgg time bc I want to remember what to look for when we go to NYC @marc Also I always thought it would be dope to make something like this bc as far as I know not many people have made stuff like this lol […]

Business News

Hey guys, it’s Nate!Marc wanted me to put more on so I will now.As you can see by the title ”Business News” we started some more businesses.We just started a duct tape business!It’s called D.T.A (A.K.A Duct Tape Accessories).We sell pens wrapped with tape,wallets,rings and bracelets.                   […]

Shaun White Skateboarding Bail

Shaun White Skateboarding Bail to Michael Jackson’s Billie Jean.  One of my sickest video game bails. Shaun White Bail

Nate and Cale Prepare for a Nerf Battle

Nate and his cousin prepared for a basement Nerf battle with Dad and Uncle Rick.

Hello From Nate

Welcome to  We finally decided to make some changes to the site.  We are now using WordPress and hope to have Nate updating soon.  As you can see, some of the functions are a work in progress. Feel free to post your comments.

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